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Terms and Conditions for purchase from GoMINIsite

Legal and accountability
You will automatically receive order confirmation with information about orders and conditions. You can always find the latest current conditions on GoMINIsites website. Agreements with GoMINIsite will be concluded in Danish. When you shop at GoMINIsite, danish law of ordinary buy-and contract rules is applied, including rules on consumer sales. As a consumer you are protected by existing legislation, ie. primarily law of consumation and consumer contract.

Trial and right
The creation of a GoMINIsite is done in GoMINIsite´s website or at one of GoMINIsite´s authorized dealer websites by selecting a name and a password, provide your email address and accept the terms. GoMINIsite Business apply to be given further information.

As GoMINIsite corporate customer gives you 7 days probation and 30 days of full withdrawal from the date
Before your trial period expires, you must pay for a 12 month period, if you want to keep your new website. You, however, have 30 days from the date of withdrawal if you want to undo your purchase.

If you do not want to continue using GoMINIsite after your trial period, you do not need to do anything. Your GoMINIsite automatically become disabled and can no longer be viewed or edited.

If you want to take advantage of the law of cooling, then you should write an email to GoMINIsite, disclose the name of your website, as well as your account number. Your 30-day cooling off counted from the date.

As GoMINIsite Private Client gives you a 30-day trial

Before your trial period expires, you must choose if you want a 3, 6 or 12 month contract if you wish to keep your new website.

If you do not want to continue using GoMINIsite after your trial period, you do not need to do anything. Your GoMINIsite automatically become disabled and can no longer be viewed or edited.

Delivery and access for purchasing
To renew a subscription, log in to GoMINIsite. Then click 'My Account.' Under 'Subscribe,' select 'Extend' and follow the subsequent instructions.

Product features, contract period and price is specified by the product.

The following payment methods can be used depending on the product's duration and price: Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB. Subsequently, it is possible to access the order confirmation when you are logged into GoMINIsite.

As a user of GoMINIsite you will have access once payment is confirmed.

If you believe your version of the site suffers from a shortage in relation to the system in general, please write a note to GoMINIsite, within 8 days.

Any claims by the user cannot exceed the price of the product. It clarifies that the purchased online product entirely can be private, business or association use and may not be lent, resold or otherwise re-distributed.

We are not responsible for that the maintenance and updating of servers exceptionally may occur downtime. Downtime is thus not regarded as a breach of contract. GoMINIsite is not responsible for downtime caused by relationship with third party.

GoMINIsite reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of business in 2 weeks' notice. Latest version of the website will always supersede previous versions.

GoMINIsite products
GoMINIsite exists in several versions: Private and Enterprise.

For Private GoMINisite the following conditions applies to: websites created as Private must only be used for private purposes, where visitors typically have family and friends. It must not be a commercial website where you for example sell puppies or things that you import from the East or the like. If you have a recurring revenue through your website, we will consider it as a business website. As a good example, you may sell your used guitar or your dining table, because we do not perceive this as a commercial exploitation of your GoMINIsite private website.

Wether a site meets the rules of GoMINIsite Private, depends solely on GoMINIsite's assesment, which reserves the right to make you aware of our assessment and possible our demands on the transition to a second GoMINIsite agreement/product. If you do not comply, GoMINIsite will close your website without further notice and compensation. An assessment that the user does not agree with, will be obtained by contacting GoMINIsite, where it can be reviewed.

For Enterprise GoMINisite the following conditions applies to: websites created by Enterprise is intended for corporate websites, association websites, other commercial activity or other types of sites that are typically addressed to other visitors than just one's family and friends.

Termination of subscription
If you no longer want your website, you have two options. You can choose to delete your site, note that you do not get a possibly prepaid amount refunded. You can choose not to renew your subscription at maturity. We'll save your GoMINIsite for 90 days after deactivation, therefore providing you with the opportunity to activate and continue as before, if you wish, at a later date (within 90 days).

Conditions of Use
As a user, you are obliged to provide accurate and complete information in establishing the website at GoMINIsite.

Content that violates the rights of third parties and/or not in accordance with the danish legislation may not be on GoMINIsite. GoMINIsite reserves the right to close pages, alone by GoMINIsite´s judgement to be offensive, harmful or violating. GoMINIsite reserves the right in cases of suspected crimes to close the website without notice. Similarly, GoMINIsite do not refund subscriptions if the website shut down due to any of the above conditions.

Users of GoMINIsite are solely responsible for the content (such as data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, etc.). GoMINIsite does not control content on the users' home pages and cannot be held responsible for this.

GoMINIsite will not be liable for any loss of content and not be liable for any direct or indirect losses in this connection, either to the user or third party, unless described by the danish court general liability rules. For whatever reason of the loss.

GoMINIsite has the right to contact the police or courts to provide access to user information.

GoMINIsite reserves the right to inactivate, dismantle and permanently delete sites after 3 months if the user has not paid for a subscription period and has not renewed its subscription within 90 days.

Privacy policy
By extension and purchase of subscription the buyer's name, address, zip code and e-mail address must be indicated, for the safe delivery of goods. E-mail addresses indicated in the creation of subscription from GoMINIsite is used exclusively by GoMINIsite to send information about when your subscription expires, the winner of GoMINIsite´s competitions and improvements and new development of the product GoMINIsite.

Your information about the name, address, etc. are treated completely confidential and is used to deliver your order. Legal requirements means that GoMINIsite must keep the user's personal and business information for five years. Credit card information is disseminated through GoMINIsite to PBS in a safe and encrypted SSL connection and is not saved by GOMINIsite.

Personal information is transmitted to GoMINIsite in non-encrypted form. Personal data is stored by GoMINIsite in a database on a secure server. GoMINIsite will not divulge your personal and business information to third parties. According to the law of Personal data the user have rights to access and object to the information relating to the user.

During the editing of the website a 'temporary cookie' is used (cookies from GoMINIsite is automatically deleted when the browser is closed). This cookie is only used to identify the user. The cookie is also used in the initial phase of the order. The reason is that only the owner of the site may/can order subscriptions and here uses cookies for identifications. During the payment process the cookie is not used. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your own computer.

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